Ben Tarrant-Brown


Rising heat blurs the still air above a desert road.

A man stands rapt in a stark room, the camera zooms in as he opens the briefcase

The world around her quiets, until all she can hear is the thump of her heart

These moments are empty without the sound that drives, shapes and defines them.

Delicate vocal inflections, roaring apocalyptic guitars, sweeping orchestral textures, syncopated latin rhythms, stoic cold electronics, crunching, pounding, elemental drums.

Ben intuits the emotional nuance of an image to bring it front and centre. If you want to bring your picture to life , you are in the right place.



Coming from a fine art background (Central St.Martins), Ben bring this ideas based approach to music composition.

After leaving the visual arts Ben moved into the music world, playing in various bands and signing to Mercury and Island in the UK and S-curve in the US.

Throughout this time of performance Ben also honed his production and composition skills assisting in Dean Street Studios London, completing a sound engineering course at Point Blank and beginning to write for Commercial pitches.

Years later he is now an established composer with some of the biggest brands on the planet under his belt.

Working out of his personal studio in Ramsgate filled with choice vintage and modern equipment Ben also has access to the best performers and session players in the uk.

Personal projects are still at the heart of Bens practice and he continues to write and perform as one half of The Swimmer




"I have worked with Ben on numerous different briefs for a variety of testing clients. His style is fresh and contemporary and he is great at fast turnaround work." — Head of Branding

"Ben's a fantastic composer and takes constructive criticism extremely well. He's easy to work with, hits deadlines,understands briefs  " — Creative director

"Ben is passionate about music and can turn his expert hand to a huge variety of briefs. His work is always exceptional and has a amazing aptitude for melody " — Collaborator

"A Safe Pair of Hands " — Head of Production

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